Xiaomi CC9 Pro Premium vs Realme X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Camera Comparison
The CC9 Pro Premium (a.k.a. Note 10 Pro) has a Whopping 108MP 8P Lens, but how does it stack up against the brilliant 64MP GW1 Sensor on the Realme X2 Pro and Fan Favorite 48MP IMX586 Sensor on the OnePlus 7T? - Let's go find out! - THIS IS WAR!!!
Apart from amazing main cameras, the Xiaomi comes packed with 5 cameras, the Realme with 4, and the OnePlus with 3, and I test them ALL! I also include ton's of video samples including ultra-wide video, super steady modes, as well as slow-mo and time-lapse!
00:00 - Introduction & Specs
00:53 - Day Pictures
04:55 - Night Pictures
07:06 - Day Videos
08:35 - Night Videos
09:42 - Selfie Day Pictures
10:14 - Selfie Night Pictures
10:22 - Selfie Day Videos & Mic Testing
11:30 - Selfie Night Videos
11:41 - Final Verdict / Conclusion
Stay tuned for more videos on these three devices in the weeks to come!
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Until next time, this is TechNick :)
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  • Alvin Mathew
    Alvin Mathew

    Watching on my 7t

  • Mohammad Ahmad
    Mohammad Ahmad

    I think the 7t is better

  • mohamed ajaam
    mohamed ajaam

    X2 pro oversaturated Mi note 10 true colours Edge detection best in cc9

  • Rakibul Mondal
    Rakibul Mondal

    Mi note 10 best neutral,pic

  • wilson ndebay
    wilson ndebay

    Realme X2 pro the best. I like the clarity in its pictures. It properly exposes the dark spots in the pictures

  • Ayman Rashed
    Ayman Rashed

    From where you buy the grip to hold 3 phones. Thx

  • Esra Waladow
    Esra Waladow

    Thanks bro..

  • naveen Kumar
    naveen Kumar

    I decided to bought x2 pro 30k price. My budget dicide x2 17k Watching on x2

  • Md Mehedi Hasan
    Md Mehedi Hasan

    Disappointed by the performance of X2 Pro


    thank you for doing this

  • Sagar Shelake
    Sagar Shelake

    Nice job

  • Rohz Popper
    Rohz Popper

    All difference are small. Some shakes a lot on video. Note 10 have natural colour. 1+ scores a lot of points. Only mi 10 don't have flagship type chips but it sure kills all others in insane zoom. Saw better pictures in the hand of pro photographers with awesome results. Useless to buy now when 5G is the standard soon.

  • akshay kumar
    akshay kumar

    A 48 mp camera device just out classing the other ones like a boss 🥰one plus the champion 🔥🔥

  • mezza8512

    Sorry man but this test Is not real. If you keep some dirt on Lens camera of a device (in this case Is clear that the dirt Is only on Xiaomi camera), Is normal that the shots are more blurry than normal. Is a simple thing but if you want to make a very real and right test with no Tricks, you must go clean all camera lenses.

  • Bruno BS Cabral
    Bruno BS Cabral


  • Ordinary GadgetUser
    Ordinary GadgetUser

    you should stop spending on fake like and views, rather spend on better collab

  • Sifat Ahmed 2nd
    Sifat Ahmed 2nd

    What is the difference in. 8p vs 7p lens Which one I should buy?pls reply Or I will unsubscribe u💔💔💔💔

  • Mustaqim Ahmad
    Mustaqim Ahmad

    Install gcam problem solved

  • Mh_sezar


  • Debashis Sarkar
    Debashis Sarkar

    X2 winner

  • Rohit Srivastava
    Rohit Srivastava

    Oneplus 7t is the king of all three.

  • shamsuddin khan qadri
    shamsuddin khan qadri

    7t is the King

  • Mohit Gupta
    Mohit Gupta

    Xiaomi 📷📷 Camera Best 👍💯 hai Like Kro

    • Arik Das
      Arik Das

      Bhag sala

  • Mohit Gupta
    Mohit Gupta

    Xiaomi 9cc pro Nice phone📱📱 👍👍💯💯💯

  • Prasad Chogale
    Prasad Chogale

    One plus is rock 🤘

  • Prasad Chogale
    Prasad Chogale

    One plus is always one plus

  • Edgar Marrakech
    Edgar Marrakech

    one plus dosnt hawe the best night hotography

  • Angelo Gutlay
    Angelo Gutlay


  • Wrestle Muscle
    Wrestle Muscle

    awesome content .. deep camera comparison

  • Lam Merabtene
    Lam Merabtene

    10:11 Only the Xiaomi note 10 got it right here, I don't know why you are saying X2 Pro has the best edge detection, it's clear Xiaomi nailed it way better than the other in edge detection, but colors looks better on the X2 pro I agree


    Oneplus 7T is the best one to go with.🤩😎😎🤩

  • Jobin Johnson
    Jobin Johnson

    Oneplus7T is the CHAMPION...

  • Róbert Porubský
    Róbert Porubský

    Really? No cropped photos? This comparison is relevant only for facebook/instagram "pro photographers".. Coz they doesnt care about DETAIL but cares about postprocessed colors (filters)

  • Thangmi aeeyush
    Thangmi aeeyush

    Watching on my realme x2 pro👌👍

  • Unnamed 1
    Unnamed 1

    I think all in all the OnePlus does a bit better job. But the difference is just small

  • Motasim Sikder
    Motasim Sikder

    Dear brother, what about asus 6z? We are eagerly waiting to watch a full comparison with thesf phones. Thanks a lot.

  • Евгений Пестун
    Евгений Пестун

    I decided to purchase cc9pro TechNick: ITS SHIT ((((

  • Khadangban Umakanta
    Khadangban Umakanta

    Realme x2 pro not good

  • Fernando Oliveira
    Fernando Oliveira

    Ranking 1- Realme X2 Pro 2- One Plus 7T 3- Cc9

  • Rohan Manna
    Rohan Manna

    Realme x2 pro has auto focus on wide angle camera for macro shots

  • Suvankar Pal
    Suvankar Pal

    X2pro Best camara

  • faaiq saheed
    faaiq saheed

    You are very good at explanation then why don't have much subscribers.

  • Sreekar Suresh
    Sreekar Suresh

    Xiaomi CC9 pro is full of waste ,having 108 MP & extra 4 cameras....

    • Sreekar Suresh
      Sreekar Suresh

      @Hang Navorn 😂😂😆😆

    • Hang Navorn
      Hang Navorn

      He forgets clear the Len While take photo 😂😂

    • pritish sahoo
      pritish sahoo

      @Sreekar Suresh See proper reviews the CC9 Pro even out performs P30 pro and Galaxy Note 10 plus. I don't why in this comparision CC9 Pro looks so worse. see this This is how a review should be like eesoft.info/hd/video/iYjVdqe5rqyQi8o

    • Sreekar Suresh
      Sreekar Suresh

      @Kasallamacher then for what??can't perform better than them..

    • Kasallamacher

      the 108mp isn't a waste

  • Sreekar Suresh
    Sreekar Suresh

    OnePlus 7T is good and for less price x2 pro is also good

  • Tamil friends
    Tamil friends

    Realme ahead of in overall

    • Viyyapu Chahel
      Viyyapu Chahel

      Hey but not the #speed

  • Daison TD
    Daison TD

    X2 pro is best

  • Raviraj Minawala
    Raviraj Minawala

    How is the realme x2pro as a daily driver, i will be upgrading from a 3.5yrs old lg g5?

    • AOKI

      I have realme x2 pro. I must say the battery life is quite good. I usually charge it only once per day. The best thing from this phone is its charging speed. It really damn fast. And for phone temperature, I dont notice any abnormal hot temperature

    • Prathamesh Ingole
      Prathamesh Ingole

      Fantastic, cause it has the latest processor thus no lag at all, the charging speed is very very fats only 30min for full charge and cameras are also good.

  • Fırat Alakuş
    Fırat Alakuş

    7t ile x2 karşılaştırılması adaletsiz olmuş fiyat açısı İLE 7t çok farklı tabiki kamerada Mİ 108 lik kamera tam bir fiyasko...one plus 7t hem hız hem kamera İLE müthiş fiyatına göre tabiki

    • M.aslan Bicer
      M.aslan Bicer

      X2 pro olan zaten düz x2 değil

    • M.aslan Bicer
      M.aslan Bicer

      X2 ile 7t arasında 200 yuan var 160 tl falan ediyor 8-128 gb lıkta

    • Adil Adilsadiq
      Adil Adilsadiq


  • iKristiaan

    Just bought the Note 10 Pro. We Will see what Will happen after some updates

    • Sifat Ahmed 2nd
      Sifat Ahmed 2nd

      Cc 9pro premium is note 10 pro

  • Emil Genov
    Emil Genov

    Thanks Nick, did the realme x2 pro was with the latest update (07) which have the camera upgraded ?

    • Emil Genov
      Emil Genov

      @RJ Innovation Thanks mate

    • RJ Innovation
      RJ Innovation

      @Emil Genov according to official information the realme UI for x2 pro will be launch in the month of March

    • Emil Genov
      Emil Genov

      @RJ Innovation That would be very nice. When we shall expect this new update ?

    • RJ Innovation
      RJ Innovation

      @Emil Genov bro in New update you gonna have edge lighting like Samsung so when ever you will get any notifications then the edge lighting will indicate and alert you they Tu out had received a new notification

    • Emil Genov
      Emil Genov

      @RJ Innovation x2 pro have no notification light.

  • Shaikh Zulqarnain
    Shaikh Zulqarnain

    You should speak slowly..

  • Joseph Carrino
    Joseph Carrino

    The Realme x2 pro is about $400....The One Plus is around $700 so how and why are you comparing these phones?....

    • Syakiran Ikhwan Zakaria
      Syakiran Ikhwan Zakaria

      I think u mistaking it for pro version sir

    • Mkiol Kiol
      Mkiol Kiol

      Thats Not that accurate The 7t in aliexpress cost 430$ for the 128gb Realme x2 pro 420$ 128gb And the Huawei is around 600$ ... But all the models in black friday/11.11 or with any promo code Cost the same in all the online sites... In my country the realme x2 pro doesn't available But the 7t and mi note 10 Are available And the different between them is 80$

  • NAVEEN Nayudu
    NAVEEN Nayudu

    Realme X2 pro lovers hit like

  • sansak 11
    sansak 11

    X2 pro af in ultra wide angle camera

    • Lord Vader
      Lord Vader

      Exactly! It has AF on ultra wide!

  • ayush chourasia
    ayush chourasia

    Watching on my 7t😅😂

    • satyam rai
      satyam rai

      @Feared Warrior Shrey *ask

    • Feared Warrior Shrey
      Feared Warrior Shrey

      Did anyone f***** asked?

    • Benjamin Niess
      Benjamin Niess

      Tell me about the 90 hz screen :D My 7t will arrive later this week

    • Sonland Gamer
      Sonland Gamer

      And i on my X2 Pro xD

  • criminal

    7T nice


    Like OnePlus 7t.😘😘😘

  • thebestmanever3

    nice intro fam🔥

  • Ahmad shetab official
    Ahmad shetab official

    Realme x2pro best

  • Arif Biswas
    Arif Biswas

    Realme x2pro best

    • Kasallamacher

      Fanboi detected

    • nepagic 100
      nepagic 100

      its out of stock

    • Fırat Alakuş
      Fırat Alakuş

      Arif Biswas gözlüğünü taktın mı dostum 😏