YUNGBLUD - original me ft. dan reynolds of imagine dragons (Official Music Video)
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Director: Jordan Bahat
Production Company: Tool of North America
Executive Producer: Dan Kent
Head of Production: Amy DeLossa
Producer: Rose Krane
DP: Benjamin Kitchens
1st AC: Leonard Walsh
2nd AC: Traiana Nescheva
DIT: Lanlin Wong
1st AD: Kris Manzano
Gaffer: Rey Barrera
BB Electric: Jerry Enright
Key Grip: Frank Arant
BB Grip: Jeff Journey
Dolly Grip: Eric Jordan
Grip: Stu Miller
Grip: Chris Codd
Jib Op: Chris Dowell
Art Director: Bill Bittman
Prop Assistant: Jeremiah Rounds
Prop Assistant: James Hicks
Wardrobe - Dan Reynolds: Christina Acevedo
Wardrobe - Yungblud: Harper Slate
Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
Key Make-Up Artist: Lauryn Tullio
Gang Boss: Kelly Dugin
G&E Driver: Paul Boots
Moho Driver: Tony Pena
Set Medic: Jace Simmonds
PAs: Albert Penuela, Engie Herrera, Jordan Paldi
Directors Assistant: Sean Corbin
Set VFX Supervisor: Robert Schober
VFX: Ingenuity Studios
VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
VFX Producer: Kieley Culbertson, Francesca Orrach
Editor: Niles Howard
Color: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
Color Producer: Blake Rice
Fork Lift Legends: Glenn Lanier & Gary Poling / Main Gate Junk Yard
Music Video Rep: Lark Creative
Commissioner: Hanan Cher
Label: Geffen
Management: Locomotion

Music video by YUNGBLUD and Dan Reynolds performing original me. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

  • Shard 198
    Shard 198

    2:59 Me and my friend...when on Imagine Dragons concert will Dan puts his shirt off.

  • Parth Arora
    Parth Arora

    He looks like the son of Joker and Harley Quinn.

  • King Croc
    King Croc

    0:37 i died

  • Your BUTCH
    Your BUTCH


  • Hannah Chalk
    Hannah Chalk


  • mïlkywãy

    How come only 1 car hit the camera while dom is getting hit by 3 cars? And why does Dan get hit once? Is it bc the creators think hes to handsome to die?

  • Bailey Hardy
    Bailey Hardy


  • _potato_ _person_
    _potato_ _person_

    i am back in my emo phase

  • Taylor Graham
    Taylor Graham

    why does this make me wanna jump around and yell lmao

  • icyxparr

    bby you spelt off wrong :)

  • Elaine Russo
    Elaine Russo

    I thank Billie and yungblud make a song together that will be so cool!!!!!!😁🤣😁🤣😁

  • Taj Marlon
    Taj Marlon

    Your the same guy from tongue tied

  • Arthur Guttierrez
    Arthur Guttierrez

    I wasn't really impressed with Youngblood but, I'm now a true fan. He is the real deal and this song is soooooo fuckin sick!!!!!! Play it loud!!!!!

  • Neil Rogers
    Neil Rogers

    I’m sorry if I’m being pedantic but , I’m a fork lift driver , and the load centre is completely unsafe , I would definitely need to carry out a risk assessment before the filming of this musical video entertainment.

  • Richie_Stefan_ Army
    Richie_Stefan_ Army

    "A few cars on me?" - "Who cares?" 😂

  • Éric Degisors
    Éric Degisors

    Et j'oubliai cette superbe association avec Dan.. Genial groupe imagine Dragons !!! Que de belles voix puissantes, quel plaisir !!! Go Music !!! For the life and other people ! Thanks

  • Éric Degisors
    Éric Degisors

    Mon cher Yung ! Tu es complètement barré mais putain ce que j'adore ça !!! Tu es génial… (simple vu à taratata et …. whaaaahhou ! ! Voila ! Tu as raison, que chacun fasse de sa vie ce qu'il a envie !!! ;)))))))))) Love U Mec, continue !

  • Aaaa


  • Rose _millsie
    Rose _millsie

    Me: Already obsessed with Imagine Dragons and YUNGBLUD separately Dom and Dan: You wanna.... collab... Me: 😨 Them: *releases this* Me: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤬😳😫☹️🙁😖🥺😠😳😩 Seizuring from the awesomeness

  • Neil Rogers
    Neil Rogers

    Like Keith Flint re- born . God rest him !

  • Olli Art
    Olli Art

    Only you could dance around a scrap yard and make it look cool

  • mïlkywãy

    When the zombie apocalypse happens were gonna end up hearing their screaming from across the globe 😂

  • Driftxx

    Mini Optimus Prime in background 2:23 o.O

  • Neil Rogers
    Neil Rogers

    Great collab , luv this !

  • GeisT

    Qui est là grâce à Taratata ?🙋‍♂️

  • Flame Force
    Flame Force

    2:55 - then you tripping on LSD with your buddy

  • Maria Oprea
    Maria Oprea

    Tare muzica ❤️❤️❤️

  • Stonly Sualin07
    Stonly Sualin07


  • aKryCos

    yungblud :hold my red sock

  • Anne Black
    Anne Black

    This is the song aquivalent of "I'm not like the other people, I'm a weirdo, have you ever seen me without this hat, that's weird."

  • Miama M
    Miama M

    of course he is O R I G I N A L ….. Discovered tonight live on "tatatata"...Into of Imagine dragons ….

  • KillDestroyer79

    This song was prodigious! Also, HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID THEY FILM THIS VIDEO?! However they did it, it was awesome! 👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • axel vincent
    axel vincent

    Un monument du rock.

  • Malissa Garten
    Malissa Garten

    Dom casually checks teeth in camera

  • duck duck
    duck duck

    laughing jack ? but nice song

  • Darky Gacha
    Darky Gacha

    It's super

  • lolita kleskenova
    lolita kleskenova

    Y love you 😘😘

  • Miguel Que
    Miguel Que

    Imagine dragón 👍

  • Prashant singh
    Prashant singh

    just liked the beat YUNGBLUD lovers must watch this:

  • Rock amolie
    Rock amolie